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You can see my personal TiddlySpace space at cdent.

Chris Dent is the original author of TiddlyWeb and one of the lead developers of TiddlySpace. See About and HelloThere for some more info.

Though he does all kinds of stuff these days, his background is Wiki development, high performance asynchronous collaboration (see BlueOxenAssociates), Information Science, and he was the director of the systems administration group of an ISP during the boom days of the World Wide Web. For fun and exercise he likes rock climbing.

Openness makes the world better. Making information accessible in small pieces makes learning better. Learning makes the world better. Explicit is better than implicit but ambiguity is the nature of the universe; there is no true truth. Wealth is poverty. Hypertext will immanentize the eschaton. Your life is a story constantly being told. Try to make it not boring.

Other tiddlers which may explain why I do what I do: why.

You can get a feed for everything I write on TiddlySpace at http://tiddlyspace.com/profiles/cdent.atom